Tour blog USA. West Coast

February 19, 2010

10/02/10 Los Angeles. The Troubadour

Our bodies were still playing catch up to our newly transplanted time zone. I defy anyone who isn’t utterly baffled by experiencing Sydney Harbour and Sunset BLVD in the same afternoon.  The tour programme read… “This is the venue where John Lennon was kicked out for getting wasted with Harry Nilsson on brandy alexanders and heckling the Smothers Brothers”.  The dressing room, perched bird’s nest like above the stage and audience allowed us to play a spot of  peek-a-boo with those below. We were greeted with all the hysteria you would hope for in Hollywood. This show played out like a dream, it was one of those effortless runs. You know that most rare of sensations when things seem almost already written? Like when your skimming stones on a lake and your arm begins to move with a rubbery ease and accuracy that you don’t feel belongs to you, yet the stones just keep bouncing up and fluttering ball like on the dark skinned water, five, six seven, eight times. I’m blabbering. We were on a roll.

A comic come review of our LA show… (Pop Noir)

11/02/10 San Francisco. Independent

The hunch backed agony with which Talbot greeted us in the morning meant the seven hour drive could very well have been made for no other reason than to see Alcatraz brooding in San Francisco bay. A chiropractor cuts a beautiful figure in such scenarios. With vertebrae in place and exquisite Mexican food fuelling us we played to a sweet smelling audience. Lax smoking and medical regulations meant the room was submerged in a thick spliff rich fog which we hadn’t experienced since taboos changed back home. It felt vintage. The Phoenix Hotel displayed for us Californian chic in all it’s crowning and crippling glories, right down to the mosaiced swimming pool. Tiredness hit like a spade and we were quickly out cold.

The very unique Phoenix Hotel

13/02/10 Portland. Doug Fir Lounge

A venue with restaurant and hotel all in one, Powell’s books, Mississippi records and various sickeningly well stocked vintage clothes shops meant we  felt a little like Portland is in fact a Disney land for alternate types. Jet lag continued to piggyback us making waking hours seem like endless things. There comes a strange sensation when moments before stage time a hot water bottle and a mug of hot cocoa might be what the body requires but instead it receives a sucker-punch blackberry cosmo cocktail and is sent out to entertain a baying crowd. Afterwards, despite being relative zombies throughout the day we find ourselves eating cheeseburgers at 2am with no intention of sleep.  A third sell out in a row, we were still on that roll.

Our beverage of choice in Portland

14/02/10 Seattle. Chop Suey

The audience were our valentines, and we were there’s. The first ever live airing of Two Dancers II became our elaborate romantic gesture for lovers. No surprises with the Chinese restaurant come decrepit punk hangout sort of a look  the place took on.  In the dressing room we watched Kate Bush live at the Hammersmith Apollo to confound ourselves into concentration for the show. Strict liquor laws meant no alcohol was allowed on stage, it added to the slight frat party feeling we were getting from the night. What would ensue after the show would be sixteen hundred miles and over twenty four hours of driving. Understandably we took our chance to expel any excess physical and emotional toxins on stage. A messy affair, but all the better for it.


Words: Hayden

Pictures: Benny


2010 Tour Blog Australia

February 13, 2010

28/01/10 Byron Bay. The Great Northern

The first show of the year, a fitting and spectacular way to begin. Hadn’t played together for six weeks, scrubbed off the rust. We still got it….  We can feel our bodies morphing into tour mode, eyes get puffy, fingers blister, stomach demands alcohol, as always we relent. My Australian family in the audience watching us play for the first time, pretty special.  We soon learn that the dressing room graffiti this side of the earth is as strange and perverse as any we have encountered before, our Australian band friends Dappled Cities de-code it for us.

29/01/10 Brisbane. Laneways

Great little amphitheatre created by the positioning of the stage between some stables and a warehouse. Felt like a street party, although a wet one, wasn’t expecting to be greeted by a deluge of downpours so far from home. You can take the boys out of Kendal but…. Back to the hotel, room service, nachos in bed, sleeping in own filth, apologies to the cleaners. The XX live up to all of our high holiday soundtrack expectations.

Brisbane by night

30/01/10 Melbourne Laneways

The setting sun plonked itself right in front of our faces as we played. Is it healthy to play in such heat? Saunas can be heavy on the heart I hear. Had a last ditch change of tact from wearing black just before stage and threw Talbot’s Fred Perry shirt on. A lady in the crowd called Penny passed me her pink 70’s sunglasses in return for tickets, saved my bacon and my blinded eyes.  Must have looked like I’d had a fight with a dressing up box and lost. Melbourne’s China town provides us with an excellent Laxa and the shaky lift up to the after show venue puts the heart into the mouth.

Melbourne via Munich

31/01/10 Sydney Laneways

So good to be back in Sydney, that unmistakable intake of breath when you first see the harbour never fails to disappoint. An excitable, eager and very well dressed audience greet us. The festival site, an old mental institution, provides a fitting but slightly creepy venue. Later on to the opera house to see Antony and the Johnsons, given a choice of all gigs in the world that night it would be that one. It quickly becomes very clear how genuinely and remarkably gifted he is.

1/02/10 Sydney Oxford Arts Factory

Big one for us. A patient, well behaved and very respectful audience. Felt a little like our first ever show in New York, back on the old inspection bed. What do you give to people who have it all? The charms of Surrey Hills are just totally irresistible for folk like us. Too much Grouse whiskey and an unpleasant exchange with a self-important stranger makes for an emotional and intense evening. Taxi! Teeth go to bed without being brushed.

Oxford Arts Factory, Surrey Hills Sydney

4/02/10 East Brunswick Melbourne

A towel-less slippery night, one filled with surprise, not least the ex-pat Kendalian reunion taking place on our behalf. I forget my ear plugs and experience the unprotected unrelenting thrill of full sound for the first time in a while. Cue a scamper back to the dressing room to fetch them after the first song, but like many things it never feels quite as good once you’ve been there, but it’s safer.  Bloody breathtaking to play to a full room so far from home. Penny is there as part of the earlier sunglasses deal.

6/02/10 Laneways Perth

A relaxed previous nights swim in Cottesloe with Fremantle seafood and a freak sighting of Tim Winton readies us for the show. Perth is eerily overcast and mild, is it our northern English hoodoo?  We do work in the dark arts. A pocket of full-blooded fans fills us with pride and a BBQ feeds us well. Vodka tonic becomes the drink of choice with surprising but charming effect. Monday morning and my aching head will gang up on me, they don’t agree.

Cottesloe Beach

The beautiful Indian ocean, (a man was taken by a great white shark here in waist height water about ten years ago).

Words: Hayden

Pictures: Benny

we will tour all the more

January 24, 2010

Dearest all…

As well as the upcoming Australian, US and UK tours we will now be making our mothers wait a little longer to see us as we’re venturing into Europe come spring. We’ve missed you and cannot wait to catch up.

All the Beast



P.S. Stay posted for further announcements, we know there are parts of the map we’ve neglected and we don’t intend to shirk any handshake.

An update…

November 10, 2009

Dear all,

A few things to keep everyone up to date.

Wild Beasts are on the cover of the November/December issue of The Fly magazine. They have made “Two Dancers” their album of the year, and there’s a feature with us talking about its making and our approach. It’s free (you can pick it up all over the place) and online HERE.

There is also a feature and interview with ourselves in this months Uncut magazine, we spoke to them recently in Edinburgh and Leeds. They ask us about the perils of art and Northernness, a pet subject.

Also, on Pitchfork TV right now is our appearance in Juan’s basement (actualy Juan’s basement) in Brooklyn, NY. We run through 4 songs on camera and speak about impressions of New York. It was some fun.

More updates to follow. Please don’t be a stranger, we’re terribly, terribly busy.


Tom x

Is it you off the telly?

November 2, 2009

So, last night Wild Beasts appeared on Later…with Jools Holland on BBC2. We performed “All the King’s Men” and “We Still got the Taste Dancin’ on out Tongues”. Quite the experience. It is of course up on the iplayer, and probably on youtube, maybe a neighbour even taped it, old-fashioned like. Just wanted to share what a strange experience it is having grown up with the show, to suddenly be looking at the back of Jools’ head with him saying your name (…). And to thank everyone who’s helped us get this far, all reading this included.

So, bless.

Tom x


October 5, 2009

Our darlings…. If we said “KOKO…Thursday March 4th 2010″… would you say “Oh yes please”? How we dearly hope you would. Once again, all the beast. Hayden x

Please have a look at THIS…

September 1, 2009


Please have a look at THIS.

This is Little Stolen Moments, from Austin TX. They have put together a dance routine to our song (and next single incidentally), ‘All the King’s Men”.

Needless to say, we’re enthralled, and they’re on our christmas card list. Genius.

Tom x


September 1, 2009

As of yesterday our second album “Two Dancers” is available in the the UK and Australia. Think of it as a trojan horse, winning the body so the mind will follow. Spilling it’s guts only after you’ve let it in.
God I do blabber on.
All the Beast

Free Track

September 1, 2009

If you feel the need, please head right down to–free-track/ to watch our new video for Hooting and Howling, and enter your email to get for FREE the Debukas remix of our single.
We think the remix is extraordinary.

Twiiter and new video

September 1, 2009

Just briefly….
Wild Beasts are now on Twitter, please go to to read the polyrhythms of our thoughts, or chide us for our idleness.

You may also go to to watch our amphibious new video for the single “Hooting and Howling”, shot by Ruth Render, courtesy of the Guardian.